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twenty-something.\ foreign.\ my experiences of the "sweet-life"

so grateful

seriously I was just looking back at my photo gallery & this has by far been the best year for me.

I’ve literally traveled someplace every month since January, some months I was in 2 or 3 different locations…

I met some wonderful people… gotten some amazing gifts… saved up some money…

but most importantly I’ve made some of the BEST memories ever.

There’s no better lifestyle than the lifestyle of an accomplished Sugar Baby…

And i’m just getting started


Anonymous asked:
Omg girls are really getting 20k a month?!

girls are out here getting added to life insurance plans, 

girls are out here getting ferraris and bentleys,

girls are out here getting CEO’s to finance their whole entire business and making millions.

There’s so many successful women out here that were actually sugar babies & you wouldn’t even know it!

sugarbbylife asked:
Did you right away tell your POT's that you were looking for a platonic relationship? The pot I'm talking to now hasn't once mentioned sex and though I'm not super opposed to being intimate Id rather just hold out for a while. Also, I'm pretty confused on how much I should be asking for an allowance? I would have to travel out which would cost me around $400 a month. Sorry if this is a lot I just have no clue where to start haha. Thank you love <33

Yes and no. I’ve had many guys I’ve spoken to and a majority of them I let them know ahead of time and then one of them was just progressively as we were getting to know each other.

I like to go about it by having them know me, and think of how great my personality is and how down to earth I am. I get them really interested and then have the talk. Most men really don’t care about the sex as much as the connection and for someone to really just give a fuck about what they are doing and making them feel young again.

As far as PAYING for your own travels…. um… NEVER?! I never had to do that because if you are spending your own money what are they there for?

If he really expects you to pay for your travels to see him, then he really is just salt. 

How much you want a month depends on you. Some girls get 20k a month and others are fine with 200…. I personally like a couple of extra zeros…. so…..yea

savvysugar asked:
you're a platonic sb too?! :)

Yes I am! <3

Anonymous asked:
We have a long distance arrangement basically. It's hard to explain. We've been talking for 6 months and he has given me money over those months. He's been busy so this is the first time we've seen each other in 6 months.

I can probably help you more if you’re off anon. It can be private if you like.

I have done long distance arrangements as well, I think you should definately ask for his personal info especially name… 


SERIOUSLY girls, I understand you guys want to be SBs and live the “lavish-life” but some of you guys are going about this compleeeeeeeeeeeeeetely WRONG! 

Yo when I started off I was SO paranoid that I literally had a friend come on the date with me, for my first long distance date my SD flew a friend to come with me. That same SD booked an executive suite with two rooms just for her and I because he knew it would make me comfortable, he didn’t even have access to our room and his was down the hall.

Now i’m not saying take such extreme measures at all, but that was when I first started off and I had every right to be paranoid. I can only do so much research on a guy until I interact with him face to face because men can be deceiving and sneaky. 

I did this for many reasons, first being that he respected my boundaries and my comfort level. Second, could he afford it? He literally spent so much money on hotel and dining on someone he had never even met (my friend) and it was like pocket change to him. And also, he knew I wanted a friend there because he knew I loved NY and I wanted to experience it with a friend.

I am just saying that when I was starting out and many successful sugar babies were as well, they did hardcore research on guys and knew their first names, their last… hell if you give me a day I can come up with his social security number if I really tried.

Whatever you do, just please… be safe. I don’t want to hear another horror story about how some girl got hurt or even worse, killed.

Anonymous asked:
The room is for both of us. He already knows my name but never told me his real name. I've done the research on him and I know his real name he just doesn't know that I know that. He is married. He told me he wanted to do it that way for discretion. Any advice?

First and foremost, I think that if you don’t even have his real name (that he told you) and you are going to be in the same room as him… it’s basically like spending the night with a complete stranger. How long have you guys talked? And I would ask for more info from him before I even consider being alone in private with him…

I can understand discretion which is why he may want you to book it if he gives you the money but idk about the whole room situation. What type of arrangement do you guys have?

Anonymous asked:
Do you think it's weird if your sugar daddy wants you to book a hotel in your name if he gives you the money for it?

No I don’t think that’s weird at all, actually most SB like that so if things go left then you can just kick him out of your room.

But it also depends, did you give him a fake name? Is he booking the hotel for both of you to stay at? Because it may be a bit weird if he is going to be there but isn’t booking it.

Also, if he is booking it for like just you or for a friend and he can’t be there it can also be because some hotels require to physically have a card on file in case something were to go wrong. Hence, why he is sending you the money.

Anonymous asked:
I just started following you,and you seem so cool and confident! Any advice on how to be more confident in yourself?

Thank you! XO

honestly we all have our insecurities and we always over analyze them. I always remind myself that I am going to be with me forever and a day and i’m stuck in this body. So why not make the best of myself? 

No one will ever make me happy unless i’m happy with myself. 

I like to get ready and dress up to make myself feel better, look in the mirror, and literally make myself fall in love with me lol THIS may sound super corny or conceited but it’s really not. You kind of have to convince yourself because any guy or SD can sniff insecurities and use it against you.

Everyone loves a confident woman! :)

Anonymous asked:
I'm going on my first date with a SD everrr!! However I don't just want to get ready and go not knowing exactly what he wants or if I'm even getting paid for it,, how do I ask him nicely?

I always like getting this out of the way before meeting just in case you guys meet and he wants something completely weird or unacceptable. 

I would spare wasting any time and ask what his interests are and what he is looking for. I like to avoid awkward situations and that’s what works for me. 

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