sugarin' along xo
twenty-something.\ foreign.\ my experiences of the "sweet-life"
Mmmmk, so I was creepin way back in your posts and saw an SD couple pursued you, what did you find out? I was approached by a couple too and due to timing and stuff it didn't work out, but I'm really good friends with them now. Just curious!

I didn’t pursue anything further. They wanted to do some kinky weird stuff that i’m not really into lol

Keeps the ASKS going. IDC if you’re anon

staying in tonight, might make the boredom pass.

they can be private too, just say so :)







I’m done with craigslist

lmao go AWF sis!!! lmao 



Ctfuuuuuuuu. Ride in your Honda with an off season coach bag. Good gawddd

😭😭😭😭😭🙌🙌😆😆😆 this is the funniest thing I’ve read in so long.




Anonymous asked:
What are certain hints on a man's profile that lets you know that he is really involved in the sugar daddy lifestyle or willing to actually spend money on you.

You will never really know unless you find out yourself. Part of being a sugar baby is being a great private investigator lol

It’s kind of obvi & easy for most of us to find out I guess. It’s usually a red flag if he sets too high of expectations of spoiling you within the first few messages. Most real guys wait to feel you out & rather show you then brag about it I guess…

Anonymous asked:
My current SD has been hinting that he wants to buy me a car (the one I have now is from before I began sugaring a year ago and is NOTHING classy haha). I was just wondering if a SD had ever bought you a car before, and if so, how much money was he willing to spend on it? I know it probably depends on how much a SD's bank account is worth lol, but I was just curious anyway xo

My SD from before wanted to get me a car. We even went as far as to the dealership & he gave me the option of leasing or financing. This was to basically build both my credit & give me the mobility that I want. 

He first offered to buy a regular car in cash (like a camry or nissan) but I told him I wasn’t interested and slowly moved my way up to a brand new BMW 5 series. The financing and leasing payments were fine with his income and I was fine with it as well.

The only thing that was bad with the whole idea is explaining this to my family. My parents know I’m neither working or have any other source of income besides them. HOW TF can I afford that while i’m still in school??!!! QUESTIONS WITH NO ANSWERS! so for now this new car will wait until I move out and i have a “job” that I will fabricate ofcourse.

But my thing is, have a great alibi if you care what your family thinks - its an easy way to get outed. 

Get your car girl XO

Hi I just started following and I love ur page 😊 once I'm older I would like to become a SB , how do u have a platonic (no sex) w/ a SD? I've been going through SB tags and no one really says how they become and maintain a platonic relationship...

Thank you! Xo

And its honestly pretty rare to find an SD that is okay with no type of sexual activity but also not impossible.

My main advice is to keep them interested & fuck them mentally with your personality and intelligence that sex doesn’t matter as much.

I’ve been fortunate enough to maintain them by being myself & not leading them on. I don’t give them false hope by leading them on but I am also blunt by telling them if they want sex, you are more than welcome to find it elsewhere but just not with me and i’m fine with it. I really don’t care if a platonic SD is fucking other girls as long as I get what I want from him…

meaganachska asked:
I apologize in advance if you've answered this question before. But could you give me any tips on creating my first ever profile on SA. For example how to write my bio, what pictures to post, what to blur out of my pictures if anything?Any thing would help. Thanks

I think my best advice is to just make yourself sound intelligent and unique. Don’t post any over revealing pictures of yourself to attract the wrong type of guy also. Make it sexy if you like but also tasteful.

I used to not have my photos blurred and open which was ok with me but now that it’s gotten so much exposure I have decided to blur my face & give photo access to people I feel comfortable with. This is mainly because theres alot of useless idiots that make pages on SA and stuff for curiousity reasons & bad intentions.

But if you are comfortable you can post your actual picture. I just found from experience that since I blurred my picture more men have been curious & emailed me.

adornluxry asked:
What should I do? I've been on SA&SD4ME for over a month now and I haven't gotten any luck. My profile is good I took advice from ALL SB tumblrs and blogs and did my research before and I'm STILL teaching myself. No provocative pics very cute shows my face and full body. And the few I talked to just wasted my time and just chatted for a few and never responded after that txt or email. So frustrating!!!

I’m not sure exactly what it is, but maybe its what you have written on your profile? Are you emailing them in a unique way to weed you out from other girls in their inbox? Are your responses to their emails ones that keep conversation going?

These are some things to think about I guess. It also just depends, some people start off slow and then start getting some luck on these sites.

But honestly its also because theres so much more media exposure, which leads to waaay more useless salts.

thinking thinking thinkiiiing…. 

I have been thinking & overthinking that it is probably affecting my health & state of mind. 

literally so much bullshit is happening & it fucking sucks, I am very very close to packing up all of my precious belongings & leaving to a different city where I can start a brand new life with brand new people.

Idk what is holding me back… I mean I know but I am trying to not know. ugh I wish I had some guidance or reassurance that what I plan to do next is wise or smart. I wish I can just get a small look into what my life will be heading towards. But we all know that is not possible.

Let’s see how long I can hold this out until a nuclear bomb erupts & forces me to do something either irrational or beneficial. 

As far as sugaring goes, meeeeh - i’m talking to my old SD again, kind of sort of. But i’m mostly giving everyone the silent treatment til i figure myself & my situation out. I don’t ever want to seem weak or vulnerable to these SDs…


I’m always the man in a relationship. I’m the last to get emotionally attached and never need him.

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