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"Come lay with me. I wanna talk about nothing with someone that means something."

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your last 2 posts are everything!!! Amen. xoxo

Lol Thanks love

Officially single! 4 years of a relationship down the fucking drain!

Fuck bitches get money at this point.

I see that being loyal to bitchass men doesn’t work so let me go back to my old and devious ways.

At this point nothing a man does will ever surprise me, more motivation to date a man 3 times my age with a wife and 5 kids whom I could give a fuck about.

Might be getting off of this sugaring hiatus …

I’ve been turning so many guys down I think it’s time I actually give it a try. I haven’t been on a new date for sugaring in a whiiiiiiiiile. Aside from personal reasons, I’ve been so used to having one stable SD and other guys I have spoken to previously in the past.
But adding a new guy to the roster? Lol geeeeez I’m too lazy to try 😩😩😩

But funny thing about this guy that wants to meet me…. We kind of met offline… Informally LOL

He started messaging me on SM or SA I don’t remember and we started convo… I was not very enthusiastic at the moment and didn’t really care to reply back (basically ignore this man and his efforts to get to know me)

OK - fast forward 1 or 2 months and I am at the TSA line at the airport… There’s a man in the front of the line just literally staring at me, staring to the point in which others notice. Being as awkward as I am I completely ignore him as I do to the general public. Then it HITS ME, it’s ol boy from the sugaring site! Lol

Awkward turtle much? Anyway, he was pretty cool… I may give this guy a try. I’ve been so used to meeting people in public I forgot I used to meet men online LOL

yallll i cannnnnnnnnnn’t

Back to the guy on million dollar listing… so theres a scene where he brings his date… lol she looks obvi younger than him. 


could’ve been me…. saaaaaaaaaaaaaallllt.

minus the being on TV part though. Just the fact that he is who he really claimed to be 

yooooooo wtf lol

So i’m watching reruns of Million Dollar Listing____ (won’t name which one) but one of the clients on the show was someone that I talked to briefly on SA lol! wtf… I knew he looked familiar from somewhere but it didn’t hit me til I saw it…

small world we live in




I’m always there lol

umm link up? 👠👯

I’m so late on this lol BUT, the time has come and i am planning to be back in the DMV! I will spend some time in Virginia, and then most in DC. 

I know you DC sugar babes are out there, hit me & lets link up. I am looking at being there for a week so most likely It will be for labor day weekend.

I’m going to get tickets booked tonight or tmw. So let me know, it would be cute if we all met for din din or went out in the town or whatever.

LMK. xo

literally my mother is crazy. 

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